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Site FlagHere are Ed Lewis’ articles and a book on the history of science, current research on plasmoids and ball lightning, how scientific revolutions cause economic depressions, Kondratiev waves and other topics.

Economics and Physics Research

Many of articles on the site (see the links in the “Economics Articles” page) and my book (see “Book” link above) explain why economic depressions happen every 40 or 50 years. This pattern of depressionary eras is called the Kondratiev long wave. The theory has proven to be mainly accurate up to now for 30 years, and back in the 1990s, I was predicting a depressionary era of the 2010s and early 2020s that we are in the midst of still.

In the 1990s by using this economic theory, not only did the model predict the timing of the start of the depressionary era about the year 2009, I also predicted the kind of depression this would be: a technological acceleration depression like the 1930s Great Depression associated with rapid technological progress and rising industrial productivity growth rates. The depressionary era we are facing now in this decade of the 2020s isn’t a low productivity growth industrial revolution depression or deep recession such as what happened in the 1890s or the 1970s and early 1980s.

About half of the information on this site is about the physics topics of plasmoids, microplasmoids, ball lightning, cold fusion and related phenomena. By reading the articles in the Physics Articles section, you will learn about how plasmoids behave and why transmutations occur in the various experiments that are described. More and more, I am writing about the health effects of micro ball lightning and microplasmoids as more pertinent information is published. All these phenomena are part of a new set that began to be produced mainly during and after the 1970s and 1980s.

To understand this scientific revolution and economic depression model, you’ll need to understand how scientific revolutions and economic depressions are causally interconnected. Watching the videos below might help you quickly understand this history of science/economics theory and about plasmoid theory and the history of plasmoid research.

The economic model presented in my papers and the book was developed in 1990, and it has proved accurate so far. It predicted the 2010s-2020s economic depressionary period and the productivity growth spurt that started in 2000.

Online Book Offer

The book offered for reading is a long manuscript written mainly in the 1990s. It is in html form, and I did a little updating and editing. It has a detailed history of science and my original economics and physics ideas. I tie all these seemingly disparate topics together in a logical framework to show why scientific revolutions happen at 80 year intervals and how this pattern works out to produce the Kondratieff long wave cycle. You could use this pay pal link preset for 19.97, or could you just send 10.00 USD and contact me for getting the password for it. If you send me cash, notify me by email and tell me you want to read the book. See Reading My Book Online.

19.97 USD to Edward Lewis,

 History of Science and Economics Research

Video 1 image20140109 – Video presentation with Gary Hendershot
I also write about the history of the development of physics and science through paradigm shifts. There were 6 such paradigm shifts from Copernicus in 1506 to Einstein in 1905, and the current paradigm shift that got started in 1989 is the 7th paradigm shift. I call the new paradigm the “Plasmoid Paradigm.” In many papers and the book, I explained why paradigm shifts happened periodically via a logical and simple model. Then, I tried to explain how the periodic nature of technological development causes the Kondratiev wave, the approximately 40 year long economic cycle described by Kondratieff in the 1920s and by Joseph Schumpeter in the middle of the 20th century.

Plasmoid and Ball Lightning Research

In this video with Hendershot and Moray King, I described anomalous plasmoid phenomena ranging in size from sub micron size to planetary plasmoid markings. Plasmoids are a state of matter. Naturally existing plasmoids are ball lightning, and they vary in size to be more than a kilometer, but usually people see them ranging in size from tennis ball to basketball sizes. Many articles on the Physics Articles page delve into the evidence of the anomalous behavior of plasmoids and their existence in transmutation and energy production experiments.

In my newest article in 2021, I write about their health dangers and discuss experimental results on their effects on plants. In old articles, I tried to show that tornadoes are large atmospheric plasmoid phenomena and write about the various anomalous natural ball lightning effects. Studying natural ball lightning phenomena helps people to understand experimentally produced microplasmoids.

Microscopic plasmoids and the conversion of atoms to active microplasmoids are responsible for transmutation and energy conversion in transmutation and energy production experiments that have been published for decades.

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Microplasmoid/Micro Ball Lightning Health Effects

Health Risks of Microplasmoids in Transmutation/Energy Generation Experiments and Devices manuscript June 30, 2021. Updated August 27, 2021. This article considers the evidence presented by Priakhin et al. The seedling root growth experiments involving several shielding materials show us that flying micro ball lightnings present a health risk and presents some evidence about shielding materials and their hazards.

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Presentation: Live Podcast: Ed Lewis — Plasmoids and Paradigms

Bogdanovich Hexagonal Black Plasmoid 2019

Black state hexagonal plasmoid by Bogdanovich, 2019

Plasmoids and Paradigms Video Podcast

This presentation with Diadon in 2019 followed up on the presentation with Gary Hendershot in 2014. Like the previous one, it focused on pictures of plasmoid marks made by experiments and the giant plasmoid marks on the planets, moons, and asteroids. I tried to present pictures and evidence I learned about in the 5 years after the 2014 video.

The Phobos Asteroid Has Plasmoid Chains and Rilles Markings

As you can see, the Martain moon phobos has a plasmoid chain around it’s middle as well as lots of giant markings and trenches cause by plasmoids.

To me, the experimental discoveries that stand out in the last 5 years are the videos and pictures of long-lasting plasmoid patches on surfaces, intricate geometrical plasmoid clusters, and toroidal dark state plasmoids by Bogdanovich; the excellent close-up pictures of intricate plasmoid markings of many types and tunnels by Daviau and others; the SAFIRE and Stankovic experiments (very different but with similar results) that produced microscopic spheres of transmuted elements and some heavier elements; and the evidence that Ohmasa gas torches produce plasmoid marks and causes transmutation by Greenyer. Greenyer reported that the Ohmasa gas torch flame measured around 100 degrees Celcius. Stankovic reported the same about his HHO gas. But torches of both gases slosh (not melt) metal with high melting points at low temperatures and transmutes them. This is because the atoms change state to the plasmoid state.

This presentation was 2.5 hours long. I didn’t get around to talking in detail about plasmoid theory or about the concept and time of paradigm change in physics. Those topics were for later in the presentation, but we ran out of time for the last frames of this powerpoint presentation.

The paradigm shifts in physics happened at 80 year intervals.

The physics paradigm shifts have happened at 80-year intervals.

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Economic News Updates

Starting Economic News Updates, October 28, 2019

I am starting an “Economics News Updates Page” (on the page link bar). There has been a lot of changes in the world economies in the last several years since Trump became the President. The combined massive debt creation, currency creation, and effects of this technological acceleration stage are now combined with several of Trump’s policies.

Lots of changes are happening in the world economy, and on the Economic News Updates Page, I plan to put in pertinent economic data to show how this deep recessionary/depressionary era of the 2010s and early 2020s is happening.

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2019 Updates / Plasmoid Health Warnings

Plasmoids Physics and Warnings

There has been more plasmoid research in the past few years. I especially appreciate the Bogdanovich (2019) long-lived plasmoid pictures. I would like to see high speed videos of these effects of plasmoids moving and plasmoid patches of atoms transforming. It is important to understand how Ohmasa gas makes plasmoid markings.

In late 2018, I started to send out health warning Letters out to researchers. One was recently published in Infinite Energy (May 2019). I want to understand plasmoid health effects. It is clear to me that plasmoids can be not only dangerous to people but damaging to equipment.

Bogdanovic’s recent paper is added evidence about how plasmoid patches of atoms continue to stay in a plasmoid state and how they may be dangerous. If they move through equipment, they can cause major damage such as if they damage electrical transmission materials such as electrical wires or if they move into or transform electronics to plasmoid-state atoms. They may also themselves explode or fly off.

Under the Physics Articles tab, I uploaded an abstract called “The Basic Underlying Theory of the Plasmoid Paradigm” (May, 2019) that I sent to be considered for presentation at the ICCF22. They didn’t even respond to the abstracts. I also uploaded a “Plasmoid Health Warning Letter” (April, 2019). It was published in issue 145 of Infinite Energy.

Of particular concern is that people don’t realize that flying plasmoids and atoms in a plasmoid state patch in materials can both be in a dark state. In this state, they may fly further than active white plasmoids. They pass more easily through materials and might not be detectable. They may also be difficult to detect in material patches. In the dark state, plasmoids can pass through materials that they can’t pass through in the white state. How to control dark state plasmoids is a major concern. I also uploaded a long article called “‘Strange Particles’: Plasmoids and the Need for Paradigm Change in Physics” that was in issue 147 (September, 2019) of Infinite Energy.

The Economic Situation in 2019 during This Depressionary Period

This model of economic depressions correctly predicted a depression period for this decade of the 2010s and the early 2020s preceeded by an economic boom starting about the year 2000. So the book I wrote almost 30 years ago predicted the major economic and scientific events well including the current 2010s depression period and when it would begin: with a financial crash like the 1929 crash around the year 2009.

The ‘Great Financial Crash’ was in 2008. The US government debt was about 9 trillion before the financial crash. At the time of the crash from 2008 to 2010, the debt grew nearly 2 trillion per year in that 2 year period.

About 4 trillion dollars of debt in the US alone from 2008 to 2010 plus more than a trillion a year from then until now (end of 2019) made the US maintain a level of standard of living based not on production but on borrowing. The world economy is still in a depressionary era, but the spending has staved off the effects until now. Otherwise, the 2010s would have been more like the 1920s. I still think that for many countries, the severe effects of the recession/depression will take effect soon.

More than 1 trillion US dollars that has been added to the US debt each year since 2008 kept the US (and the world) afloat temporarily. Now, at the end of 2019, the US debt is about 23 trillion USD. Tens of trillions of dollars in bank lending, derivatives, and money creation since 2008 temporarily kept the stock markets inflated.

Perhaps Recessions, Depressions Around the World and Prosperity in the US

chart of US oil production 2019

I think many of the world’s economies will feel the effects of the deep recession/depression soon though the US and some other countries might prosper from this due to recent changes in the world such as the big US energy boom and manufacturing resurgence.

A deep recession or depression is unavoidable for most countries simply as a result of their debt creation and the nature of development of industry now that is primarily driven by process innovation, oligopoly formation, automation, robotization of production, and shifting away from the use of human labor for manufacturing and service work. The substantial debt creation temporarily staved off the recessionary/depressionary effects that began to be experienced around 2009 to 2014.

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